Pathway to Progress: EDC 534 Final Project

Pathway to Progress Video

Ignite Screencast

At the start of this process, my inclination was to complete a curriculum project, as my primary role for 17 years has been that of a high school teacher.  However, throughout the course of our work in Digital Authorship, my lens shifted a bit as I began to see myself as a (albeit novice) digital author.  Somewhere along the line of composing videos, screencasts, and podcasts, I began to embrace a new creativity and identity as a contributor to the online education community.  In that light, I decided to combine my passion for school and community with another leadership role I have taken on as of late.

As a member of the school’s NEASC team, myself and my colleagues are working to redefine our “Vision of the Graduate”.  Our work first prompted us to identify 5 core beliefs that drive our vision for teaching and learning in Coventry Public Schools.  We have begun to share our work with each of the district schools, in an effort to create a team that represents all stakeholders from K-12.  The ultimate goal is to foster a shared district and community vision for all graduates of the Coventry Public School System.  Part of this process is advertisement, to facilitate an understanding of the process in all schools and in the larger community.  I decided that a promotional/informational video highlighting our core beliefs, with our students as the stars, would help to achieve this goal.

The video shown here was completed using the free online platform, WeVideo, and represents my learning over the course of this semester.  To create it, I collaborated with colleagues to ensure my production was reflective and thorough.  I collected images and posts from the twitter feeds of all schools in my our district, selecting examples of our core beliefs in action. I worked with the superintendent of Coventry Public Schools, Mr. Craig Levis,  and the NEASC team to make sure my work was aligned with our district vision.  I also visited multiple classrooms to talk to kids about this process, and have them be a part of the video. They were excited to represent Coventry Schools.  This work has energized me, and helped me feel part of something larger than “just” a teacher in my classroom.  I realize how the power of media production has helped me to become a stronger advocate for teaching and learning.  I hope to continue this advocacy, showing others how to make their voices heard.

2 thoughts on “Pathway to Progress: EDC 534 Final Project

  1. Lauren you have inspired me with each project that we have completed! I loved watching this, learning how you brought the community together to create your project, and modeled incredible teamwork for your co-workers and your students. I now have some other digital tools to experiment with. See you this summer??


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